Posted by Temporal at 2005/10/02 20:24:01 PDT
Edited at 2005/10/02 20:24:57 PDT

I finally wrote up a draft of the type system documentation. It still isn't implemented or anything, but at least now you can see what I'm planning. At the moment it's very sketchy and not proofread, but I'll work on that more in the next couple days.

Posted by Temporal at 2005/05/22 19:25:15 PDT

I have released Evlan v0.3.4, with support for Mac OSX and Linux. Also, documentation on setting up a web server has been updated and vastly simplified by taking advantage of new features in 0.3.4.

Posted by Temporal at 2005/04/23 10:23:09 PDT
Edited at 2005/04/23 10:24:21 PDT

I have completed documentation of the Evlan language. This should describe all there is to know about the language itself, though it does not describe the API. This, and all the other documentation I have written lately, is only a draft. I will improve upon it based on the feedback I receive.

Posted by Temporal at 2005/04/20 08:30:52 PDT

Get it here.

More detailed documentation will be posted over the next few days.

Posted by Temporal at 2005/04/16 21:26:24 PDT

evlan.org recently moved to a new server. The new web server is completely written in Evlan, from the HTTP parsing routines to the content management system.

It has been a long time since I last updated this site. You might have been led to believe that no real work was being done on Evlan. Quite the contrary is true: I have been working basically full-time on Evlan since January of 2004 (over a year!). After forty thousand lines of code -- half of it written in Evlan -- I have produced a useful implementation of the language along with a web server and a content management system running on top of it.

However, this is still a prototype. Many features have yet to be implemented. It does not compile to native code and there is no type system. On the bright side, the overall language concept is working well and capability-based security is very much in place.

Over the next few days I will be posting a large amount of information and documentation about Evlan, both with regards to the current implementation and future goals. I will also be releasing the complete source code and binaries of the current implementation.

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