Evlan v0.3.4
Posted by Temporal at 2005/05/22 19:25:15 PDT

I have released Evlan v0.3.4, with support for Mac OSX and Linux. Also, documentation on setting up a web server has been updated and vastly simplified by taking advantage of new features in 0.3.4.

2007/09/17 02:25:03 PDT by lmartin92

When will you create your next version of evlan as I would like a more feature full version to use as my personal webserver

2007/09/19 01:34:36 PDT by lmartin92

Please reply

2007/10/01 22:54:18 PDT by Temporal

I check my e-mail much more often than I check this page.

Sorry, but I have a real job now which leaves little time to work on this. There will be a new version some day but you shouldn't wait for it. Also, Evlan is not a web server. I wrote a web server in Evlan just as a demo. I don't really intend to extend or maintain that demo.

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