About This Server
Last updated at 2006/03/06 01:08:21 PST by Temporal

This web server is powered by the following software:

  • Io Community Manager, a content management system with built-in forums, chat rooms, and more.

  • EvlanServer, an experimental web server which attempts to implement HTTP/1.1.

  • Evlan, a programming langauge in which the above two components are written.

  • Stunnel, a small program which manages SSL connections and tunnels them to a local server. (Using Stunnel was massively easier than attempting to integrate OpenSSL into the Evlan virtual machine.)

  • qmail and djbdns to handle mail and DNS services.

  • FreeBSD, a high-quality open source operating system.

Evlan, EvlanServer, and Io Community Manager were designed and written by Kenton Varda (aka Temporal).

The server hosts several web sites, including:

  • evlan.org, the home of the Evlan programming language.

  • fateofio.org, the home of the Fate of Io video game project.

  • gauge3d.org, the home of the Grand Unified 3D Game Engine project.

  • theposse.org, a weblog used by a group of friends from Minnesota.

  • filmcraft.org, a site dedicated to World of Warcraft machinima and its community.

  • Several semi-private weblogs and personal sites.

The server hradware is an Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz with 1GB RAM.

evlan.org © Copyright 2003-2005 Kenton Varda
Powered by Io Community Manager, Evlan, and FreeBSD