Type System
Last updated at 2005/10/02 20:18:50 PDT by Temporal

This section describes the type system which I plan to implement in a future version of Evlan. This is a draft; the plans could change drastically in the future. This system is not currently implemented in any way, shape, or form (as of version 0.3.x).

Describes some basic concepts behind the system.

Type Annotations
Describes how types are annotated in Evlan code.

Type Definitions
Describes how custom types are defined.

Note: Syntax highlighting is not used in the code examples in this section because the automatic Evlan syntax highlighting built into this web site does not know about keywords used by the type system. Of course, since the type system doesn't acutally exist yet, how could it? It's sort of a chicken-and-egg problem...

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