2005/05/22 18:16:50 PDT by Temporal

Evlan version 0.3.4 is supported on Windows 2k/XP/2k3, FreeBSD 5.x, Mac OSX 10.3, and Linux. At this time, no other platform is supported, though ports to other POSIX-based systems should be easy if there is demand.

Read the setup instructions here.

This is a prototype. This release does not come anywhere close to implementing all of Evlan's goals. This prototype does not compile to native code, and is thus very "slow". That said, as of May 2005, the web server powering evlan.org is running on this release.

The source version includes full source code for:

  • The Evlan compiler and virtual machine (C++)

  • The core Evlan API (Evlan)

  • EvlanServer (Evlan)

  • Io Community Manager (Evlan)

  • Kake, a build tool required to compile Evlan (C++)

  • The Evlan command client (Java)

  • The IoChat chat applet for Io Community Manager (Java)

The Win32 binary version does not include Kake or IoChat. The Evlan components are included as source code since there is no Evlan binary format at this time.

All code is licensed under the GNU General Public License. This effectively means that if you distribute any software written in Evlan, it must be distributed under a GPL-compatible license. This is temporary. Some future version of Evlan will lift this restriction, once I have decided exactly how to do so.

Changes in this version include:

  • Full optimized support for Mac OSX and dummy support for Linux.

  • Backported client to Java 1.4 since some platforms do not have Java 1.5 yet.

  • Now using <math.h> rather than <cmath> to get around bugs in some versions of GCC's <cmath>.

  • New server manager module ("/fateofio.org/manager/ServerManager") makes web servers much easier to set up and manage.

  • "/evlan.org/common" package fully documented.

  • New version of Io Community Manager includes RSS support and other new features.

  • Bug fixes in all components.

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