Io Community Manager
Last updated at 2006/04/09 19:17:30 PDT by Temporal

Io Community Manager is the content-management system which powers this web site as well as other sites on this server. Its features include:

  • Ability to quickly edit content of your web site using a web-based interface.

  • Hierarchical organization of sections nested to any depth.

  • Multi-user support with ability to grant specific users permission to read, edit, or post in specific sections.

  • Integrated weblogging, forums, file uploads from users, and rea-time chat.

  • RSS feeds everywhere where they make any sense whatsoever.

  • Ability to customize page layout, look, and feel entirely via CSS.

For an idea of all the things Io Community Manager can do, take a look at fateofio.org, filmcraft.org, or The Virtual ATDP at Berkeley. As the name implies, Io Community Manager was originally written for the Fate of Io project, but it turned out to have much wider appeal.

Io Community Manager is included with Evlan. Instructions for setting up Evlan and Io Community Manager are available in the documentation section.

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