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Last updated at 2005/05/22 19:21:33 PDT by Temporal

So you want to have a super-cool content-managed web site like the one powering evlan.org and so many others, eh? This will take a couple extra steps.

Start by setting up a normal web server. Then type:

host := server.makeIocmHost("www.example.com", "media.example.com")

The first host name is the main host people use to reach your web site. The second is the media host, which is used to serve files which may be uploaded by users. IoCM allows users to upload avatar images and allows you to create sections where users can upload arbitrary files. These files must be served from a separate host name so that the files users upload cannot gain access to your users' cookies. Simply using an alternate port number is not sufficient. However, if you only have one host name pointing at your server, you could use your IP address as the media host. Alternatively, if you do not intend to enable avatar uploads or create any file upload sections, you can use an imaginary hostname which will never actually be needed.

If you look at your host now it will appear rather ugly and won't be completely functional. To make it look nice, you need to upload a style sheet and other support files. Go to /admin on your site to access the file upload interface. Files you upload will be placed at /files. To see a list of files which you will need to upload, type this in the Evlan client:

/help server.makeIocmHost

Note that the files must all be given the exact names shown, with no type extension. This usually means that you will have to upload a file with the extension still attached (so that your browser knows what type it is), then rename it to remove the extension. For example, upload "colormap.jpeg" then rename it to just "colormap".

I suggest placing a 1-day cache time on all of these files, unless you intend to change them very often. Doing so will make your site more responsive and reduce your bandwidth usage. Do not put a cache time on the directories, though; this won't help much.

Once the necessary files are uploaded and your site is looking nice, the next step is to edit the site info. On your site's home page, while logged in as Administrator, click the "site info" link in the sidebar. On the next page, click the "Edit Site Info" button in the sidebar. You will need to set your media host here to match what you gave when you originally created the IoCM host.

That done, you are free to edit the rest of your site as you see fit. Have fun!

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